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Pastiolot is a company founded in 1988, located in the city of Olot (Girona). We have an extensive range of products and specialities, all of them made with the highest quality ingredients.

We are committed to a clear mission: “Offering our customers patisserie products made with top quality ingredients., adapting to their needs and innovating without losing the flavour of traditional patisserie. 

The whole Pastiolot team is committed to improving day by day and developing new products to adapt to the different targets and demands of the market. 




We innovate with flavours and textures without losing the traditional essence of the production process.

Commitment to the client

by offering a quality product and service that meets their needs.

Engagement with all members of the Organisation

with their training, with ensuring their health and safety and with their professional and personal fulfilment; Pastiolot’s most valuable asset

Social commitment to all employees

Treatment of employees on the basis of dignity and respect, in accordance with the principle of non-discrimination and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Commercial integrity

legal commitment to all commercial activities for all our products

Ethical responsibility

as the basis for all our actions and relations with our customers, employees, suppliers and society in general.

Food safety

in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements throughout the chain, from the purchase of raw ingredients to the final product.

Commitment to innovation

constant product and management evolution are key elements that ensure our ability to adapt quickly to changes and consumer demands.

Commitment to establish and maintain a culture of appropriate food safety

based on the accountability of management and all members of the organisation


for the social sphere and the environment



In this context, PASTIOLOT continues to work on:



In this context, PASTIOLOT continues to work on:

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